Hatching the Mission
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Hatching the Mission
Hatching the Mission



Hatching a Christian Mission from Cuba to the Muslim World

I know many people will read this text in Internet and before you go ahead I want to tell you a few things. I'm Christian, and everything you will find here is real. I used a fake name and some other symbolic elements for security reasons only. I'll be very glad if you read, and because of that you decide to pray or to cooperate with us or any other ministry (visit recommended links). We have a mentality of Kingdom . We are not asking money or sponsorship to everyone in Internet, the Holy Spirit will bring the right persons for that purpose. Even if you are one of those persons we invite you first to read and pray!!! Do not think about money.

Right now you are probably thinking what is this about and why to use the term "hatching" in relation with a Christian mission. Nothing is out of place. Everything is intentional.
My name is Rodrigo García* and I live in Cuba, the same country I was born. The same country I thank God for put me. I growth under the shadow of Communism in 1983, far from Jesus as almost everyone in my generation. I guess that's enough for keeping your attention on these lines because people love to read stories from Communist regimes. But this is not the purpose of this web site. The aim is to show the way our Lord Jesus Christ have used the hard circumstances of this country to forge a strong church, bringing glory to His Father. At the same time this is a personal story, a story that testify how the Holy Spirit of God have spoken to me and have driven my life to this point (after 10 years), the moment when I'm taking the risk of writing this message for post it in Internet as an arrow apparently shoot to none, but knowing deep in my heart there are no such as coincidence or luck when we are led by the Holy Spirit. We are just part of a divine plan, even when is not easy to accept it or look it with the eyes of faith. So here I'm, standing on His promise. Probably trembling, but still in my place with His grace.

The context...

As I said before, Cuba has a government based in Communism which implicates it is an atheist political system and in a certain way they will try through education and other instruments to promote a way of life far from God. That’s not a secret. The influence of this mechanism was highly effective, especially from 1975 to 1991 when the Soviet support was very strong (oil, food, technology, protection).The results? The fingers of your hands were enough for numbering evangelical churches and its members in the country, Christians were frequently rejected or fired from their jobs, pastors were controlled, students discriminated because of their faith, etc. But none imagined God was planning a new and different stage for Cuba.
When we read the Bible, we see once Israel was in troubles they turned their faces to God and His covenant with them. Well, Soviet Union fell down and their support to Cuba disappeared “from night to morning” as we say here. Troubles and conflicts came all together and we experimented the deepest economic crisis in our national late History: no food, no money, no clothes, no shoes, no oil, no electric power (16 hours by day without power is horrible if you consider the heat in a tropical island and the mosquitoes), people moved from cities to country... We made unbelievable things for surviving in those days, things we don’t want to remember. American government pushed stronger for breaking down the system and all the doors were closed, except Jesus’ door. Then, men and women who were prepared for the right time appeared preaching the Gospel with power, showing the divine solution of believing in Christ. Not a solution for the economic crisis but a solution for our spiritual crisis. Now we have thousands (some reports says a million) of evangelical Christians in Cuba, and the job is not done yet because we have 11 million people in this island. Fidel Castro, who was President in those days called that crisis “Special Period”. And it really was because God touched our nation for good.

Changing our points of view…

Today many ministries and churches from different countries work and bring spiritual and financial aid to Cuban churches and that’s great because we don’t have too much resources, but I think is time to change our position of receivers to a position of giving to others. I have seen there is a mental wall that doesn’t let us to see that reality. Some times we are not aware of that but we see ourselves as a poor and depending church and that’s far from truth. We have the Holy Spirit of God too!!!!!
I believe we have potential as members of Christ’s Body. We just need opportunities and I know that time is coming soon. We pray for it.

Cuban missionaries to the Muslim World?

Right now is common to think Cubans have not enough possibilities for sending missionaries to other countries (including Muslim countries) because of our economic circumstances. But, is God’s power limited by circumstances? Doesn’t Jesus say whatever you ask in my name will be done? We should pray for people in need and without Christ but we should pray too for sending missionaries from us. Is not a matter of national pride as someone could think, is a matter of believing promises in the Scriptures. I’m sure the process we have passed is not in vain. God’s Hand is behind it. We are ready for many battles out of Cuba but who will accept the challenge of give us financial support? Who will take the responsability of helping us to improve our skills?

Hatching the mission: a personal story.

In 2003 I received a promise from God: I would be sent as a missionary to a Muslim country. Everything happened in a very fast way. I was listening a Christian radio station and there was an old evangelist testifying about his called to ministry and challenging others to ask God a nation (Psalm 2:8). Almost without think in my actions I accepted the challenge, but never thinking the Lord would answer to me immediately. Then, surprised (I should better say terrorized) I received “my country” name: X.
Since that moment I was afraid and I asked the Lord to change my task. Why don’t you send me to Central or South America? Why Middle East? Why Muslims? But nothing changed, at least according to my expectations.
A few hours later, the Holy Spirit brought to my house a brother (without know anything of my recent experience) with a word for the only one who was ready to receive it and understand it in that moment: me. That word I’ll never forget is in Exodus 34:10. A promise to Moses offered to me in a personal way. That’s what I call God’s Style .Who am I to be part of His purpose?
It seemed to be a serious matter, so as Gideon I asked God to confirm His purpose once and again, and again…and He did it in many ways.
Many years have passed and I have made many things (right and wrong things) and knocked many doors. Desperation came, as usual in these cases as an instrument of Satan for disturbing us, but the Holy Spirit backed me up all the time.
I searched for seminars and missionary agencies, and I always found the same problem: money. Money we don’t have. Refusing the idea of giving up, the Holy Spirit led us (me and my wife with our church support) to develop a beautiful project we called Creek in the Dessert for collecting money and send it to ministries working in Muslim countries. I guess in the beginning not many people believed in the project but it worked for God’s glory. First time we sent 30 Euros, second time we sent 13 Euros, and third time we sent 30 American dollars. Cuban citizens are not allowed to send money to other places around the world (is not a very common practice anyway) so we used many ways, sending the money through Ivory Coast, Spain and U.S.A. We never went to Morocco, Tunisia or Senegal but we have been there. Isn’t amazing?
During this time I have learnt we are not tighten to circumstances, to natural or human laws, no matter what happen Jesus will take us to the other side. We live by faith. I learnt too I was not ready yet for carrying out a ministry among Islamic people.
Right now I’m Associated Pastor in a Cuban church, I have a Bachelor degree in Psychology and about to finish a Master degree. I have a job as professor in a university. But my heart still follows Muslims in X country with a growing passion. I pray for them and study their culture and conflicts. I read books and mission reports. I know is not enough but is good. I want to do my part while the Lord does his work in our lives. That's my concept, that's what I call "hatching the mission". Like a bird in the nest!!! We just try to keep it warm believing we'll see the results in the right time.

How could you cooperate to hatch the mission?
-Praying for us.
-Sending us books in English or Spanish for our instruction. An E-book reader will be welcome too.
-You could donate for contributing with our purpose of raising funds or sponsor us for going to a good seminar for crosscultural and mission studies.
* Rodrigo García is a fake name.


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